Museful for you

Museful develops mindfulness and yoga sessions, specifically tailored to your needs.


Programmes align mindfulness lessons with the values of your school and the New Zealand Curriculum.  Sessions include mindful skills to improve students’ focus, learning, and emotional regulation.


Workshop presentations introduce teachers to practical tips for managing stress, increasing wellness and creating health, in body and mind.  Sessions can be centred around self-care and mindfulness in the classroom.


Workshop sessions include information for healthy workplace practices, team building, stress management and strategies for wellness.  Collaborative brainstorming also aids in the development of workplace wellness policy.


Mindfulness training helps sportspeople to keep their eye on the ball and manage emotions in pressure situations.  Yoga is a complementary practice to strengthen and tone the body and mind, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injury.


Dance groups?  Scouts or brownies?  Community clubs?  You name it, anyone can benefit from lessons in mindfulness and well-being.  One-off or regular sessions can be arranged for your group, to help promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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