day twelve

Hey there!  How are you?

Really, truly, sincerely—how are you?

Today’s all about paying attention to self-care—and we’ll follow it with a rest day.  That worked out well, didn’t it?!

We’ll ignore the fact that the rest day is a Monday and likely not a rest at all—but, at least, you’ll get a rest from me!


true to you

One of the biggest (the biggest?) acts of self-care that we can do for ourselves—be true to ourselves.

This means several different things—

It means don’t agree to things we don’t want to do—if someone else doesn’t understand, either explain it to them or leave it be.  You have to do what’s right for you.

It means giving ourselves the best chance we can to go after what’s in our heart—the opposite of what we don’t want to do!  What do you really want to do?  Be kind to yourself.  Be brave.  Go after it.

It means listen to our heart, not our head.  Our hearts only want the best for us—our heads, on the other hand?  They’re attention seeking little so-and-sos and they will mess with us!  How do we listen to our hearts?  Everything we’ve talked about so far—slowing downbreathing deep, quieting the mind.  Our hearts will speak to us in the stillness.

As we talked about in an earlier post, it means being realistic.  Again, our hearts want what’s best for us (they really don’t want to break), so they’re not going to dream of being an aerial trapeze artist if we’re not a fan of heights.  Let go of what you can’t do.  Focus on what you can.

always be kindful

And be kind to yourself.

We are human.  We’re flawed.  We’ve never done this before.

We’re all trying to figure shit out, trying to live as best we can.

So, be gentle—give yourself a break.  Let yourself make mistakes because that’s how we learn.  Failure is never failure—it’s simply a gentle shove in a different direction.  The right direction for us.

Be open to change—change is growth.

This post is turning into a series of lines from motivational posters!

Pay attention to what you feed your body.  We tend to make things a lot harder on ourselves than they need to be.  As Adriene Mishler says—find what feels good.  For youSet your intention every day to treat your body well—and then follow that intention with a list when you go to the supermarket because our pesky mind will always want, want, want!

Pay attention to what you feed your mind—like we talked about yesterday, when we surround our mind in negative content, it’s bound to rub off.  I’ve been giving the mind a hard time because when we let it run wild, it can really wreak havoc!  But, it is a two-way street.  When we understand it and treat it well, we can utilise the power of our mind—instead of our minds having the power over us.

Pay attention to what you feed your spirit.  We all suffer from negative self-talk, but when we’re aware of it, we can overcome it.  Our spirits are loyal little buggers!  Everything that our minds and bodies go through is a direct blow to the spirit, but they just get up and dust themselves off, always willing us on.

dear you time

If this post achieves nothing else, at the very least, it’s given you a few minutes of you time—and that’s the biggest win of all.

Many of us don’t take the time to care for ourselves because there’s too much else to do, places to be, people to see and responsibility.

Self-care is selfish, right?

But, when we break down the word—




We’re not being self-ish—we know exactly who we are!  We’re strong, capable, loving humans and we’re owning who we are—and what we have to offer.

We know that we can only offer the best of ourselves when we treat ourselves right.


That’s right.

Self-care is not self-indulgence.  Self-care is self-respect.

~ Unknown

 Muse views

Few options today—

You can write a ‘Dear Me’ letter to yourself.  Let yourself off the hook for your past—have hope for what’s to come.  Deepak Chopra says hope is not the weakness it’s perceived to be.  Hope is strength.  Write down everything you have right now, everything you want to strive for.  Write down all of your awesomeness—there is a lot of it because you are a beautiful, wonderful beam of light.


Start a good, healthy habit of three daily statements (just suggestions, you can choose whatever you like!)—

  1. An intention—I will be kind to myself.
  2. An affirmation—I am brave.
  3. A gratitude—I’m thankful for community.

AND (this is not optional)—

Treat yo’ self!  Whether it’s a few moments with a good book, a warm, bubbly bath, a board game with your family, a refreshing run (if that floats your boat!)—treat yourself to what you love.

Enjoy your day—and your rest day tomorrow.  We’ll be back on Tuesday when we start to wrap up.  Holy smokes!