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Museful can develop tailored programmes to meet the needs of your school, students, and teachers.



Programmes can align mindfulness lessons with the values of your school.  Sessions can also be centred on mindful skills to improve focus, learning, and emotional regulation.  Replacing detention with mindfulness meditation is also being shown to help students understand their behaviours—to become managers of their actions, rather than impulsive reactors.



Mindfulness and/or yoga sessions can be run during class time, lunchtimes, or after school.  Are students learning topics that are related to health or self-inquiry?  Lessons can be planned to support classroom content.  Mindfulness empowers children both in the classroom and the playground, building their sense of self, and their relation to others and the world.



One-hour workshop presentations can introduce teachers to the concept of mindfulness, how they can develop their own self-practice, and its benefit in the classroom environment.  Importantly, mindfulness is about self-care and it’s so vital that we help to nourish our teachers, as much as they give to our students.  Our sessions are like massages for the mind!

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