The last post was all about strength in numbers—today, we’re putting the ‘u’ in community.

The power of one.

Do you know your worth?

You are unique

Do we all have a secret wish that we’re someone special, but deep down, feel that we’re just another one of the flock?

Seven and a half billion, right?


Well, do I have a secret for you—actually, it’s no secret.

You are special.

You’re the only you in the whole history of forever.

Seven and a half billion people on the planet now.  Two thousand some years.  A quick Google search says about 107 billion people have lived in the history of the world.

And, you are the only you—out of 114 and a half billion humans and all the humans to come.

You are the only one who will ever take your specific footsteps, have your specific experiences, go on your specific journey, at your specific moment in time.

That makes you pretty darned amazingly special.

You may not be Einstein, Oprah or Pete from down the street, but why would you want to be?  The world already has (or had!) them, so you wouldn’t be special anymore.

You’re unique because you’re you.

And, you know what else?  You create the universe.

Yes, you.

As Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos say in their book, You Are The Universe—roses don’t smell sweet, birds don’t trill and tweet, there’s no island of Crete (well, there is an island, but it ain’t called Crete), without you.

Our senses of experience create the world.

How special is that?

Grow your self

We talked the other day about how selfish isn’t self-ish at all—and I think that’s thanks to mindfulness.  When we become mindful, our perspective and appreciation of time changes—our perspective and appreciation of life changes.

And, that changes us—our perspective and appreciation of who we are.

We can use mindfulness as a tool to grow our identity.  Remember—we’re no mind fool, we’re going to fool our minds.

Are you ready, Mind?

Ready to have your perspective blown?!

Mindfulness really is all about perspective—an unravelling of all our social “norms.”

We’re taught that school is school and work is work and life is life.  Maths and science.  Education is the step to money.  Material things prove our worth.  The more stuff, the better.  Marriage, house, babies.  Meat and three veg.  Stop, drop, roll.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Going off track a bit now—those last couple are actually important!  Maybe, even more of those are important to you?

And, that’s really what’s important—being conscious of what’s important specifically to you.

Like we’ve said before, we don’t have to change our lives and become bogan vegan commune-living hippies (though we can if we want to!)—we just have to change our minds.

The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I am.

~ Eckhart Tolle

Make a difference

The strength of our identity is tied to how well we live what’s important to us—live our values.

Quick think—what are your values?  Are you living them?

In terms of our individual value, we’re always selling ourselves short.

How often do we think that we can’t make a difference?

We don’t vote or donate or contribute or speak up because we think what’s the point?  I’m just one person.  Right?

Meet One Dollar Warriors—they’re a charity who have an absolutely brilliant and beautiful idea that hasn’t really taken off because of our “can’t make a difference” mentality.

One Dollar Warriors raise money for people who need life-changing treatments and the premise is this—everyone just donates a dollar.  Chump change, right?

Imagine—there are nearly 4.7 million people in NZ.  If even 100,000 people signed up, that’d be $100,000, boom, just like that!  But, unfortunately, it hasn’t been that simple.  They have raised an amazing amount of money and helped a lot of people, but it’s because donors give more than their share.

This is just an example of how one person can make a difference.  And when lots of one persons come together?

Well, that’s a revolution.

When a change establishes itself in a few, it can quickly hit critical mass and spread to many.

~ Arianna Huffington

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