We’re going to talk about manifestation—which is a bit of an airy fairy idea that we’re going to ground in reality.

You may have heard of manifestation guides or plans or weekends?  Essentially, they involve a lot of meditation and visualisations of your dream life,  making vision boards, affirmation cards and the like.

I’m not knocking it.  I’ve actually done a manifestation weekend (or my version of one, anyway!) and when you look past all the airy fairyness and get down to the nuts and bolts—manifesting your life is actually just living the life that you want to live.

It doesn’t happen in our heads—we make it happen.

It’s the action we take.

Clear the decks

First step to manifesting our mindful life?  Simplicity.

We have so much clutter and distraction around us—calm and inner peace is a daily struggle when it should be calm and peaceful!

In order to live the life we want, we first have to find it (purposeful attention) and that means getting rid of all the unnecessary baggage that we carry with us—mental and material.

This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen (where have we heard that before?!)—it just takes a little time and energy.  I’ve thrown out so much in the past few years—donated, recycled, forgotten, just generally binned.  There’s all this stuff we live with that we don’t actually live with, use, need.

Or particularly want, for that matter!

All it’s doing is weighing us down.  And the mental freedom that comes from material freedom?  Oh, the relief!

Simplicity—starting from a place of calm and inner peace.

Strength in clarity

Step two—clarity.  Knowing exactly what we want.

When it’s not so hidden in all the kerfuffle, knowing what we want—our focus, our purpose, is easier to find.

It starts with knowing who we want to be.

A mindful healer?  A mindful builder?  A mindful banker, entertainer, innovator, sailor, teacher?

These aren’t job titles—they’re our why.  They’re the categories of beings that we want to spend our days, well, being!

When we’re clear on our why (I’m a creative, I’m a leader, I’m a provider)—then we can start honing in on the specifics.  On our whats and hows.

How can I be creative on a daily basis?  What am I going to create?

If you don’t know?  That’s okay, too.  We all go through moments (months or years!) where we think what the hell am I doing?  Why am I here?

And, our purposes can change—sometimes as often as we change our socks!

If you’re not sure you’ve ever really had a purpose?  That’s more than okay, too.  But, I’d say it’s not because you don’t have one (or many!)—you just haven’t found it yet.

Or, sometimes, we’re so caught up in the mess of life we don’t recognise that what we’re doing is actually what we’re meant to be doing—we just need to see it in a different light.

So, what do you want to do today?

Start with simplicity and the clarity will be sure to follow.

A positive mindset

Step three is positivity—poetry!  We have to believe that we’re worthy of living the life we want to live.

None of this negative, never gonna happen, not good enough bollocks that our minds feed us—none of that.  We don’t have time for that!

We’re here for truth and if we’re going to manifest the life we want—aka live the life we want, I’m going to assume here that we’re all after a positive life experience and not a negative one?!

Mindfulness is key to a positive mindset.

When we leave past regrets and future worries where they lie?  It’s easier to be positive.

When we purposely choose what we’re paying attention to and engaging with, it’s easier to be positive.

I think the non-judgement slice of this mindful pizza would say that we shouldn’t view anything as positive or negative, but I’m just not so sure that going through life with a neutral mindset is the way to go?  Do you agree or disagree?

We’re not saying we have to be upbeat, perky positive all day, every day—but erring on the side of a little positive energy, enthusiasm, motivation is good fuel for our actions.

And, we can’t stress enough that you are worthy.

You’re worthy of the life you want to live.

It’s action stations

The final step?  The action, baby!

If we want to start living a mindful life, it won’t just happen—like clearing the decks, we’ve got to make it happen.

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

~ Thomas Jefferson

Sounds a little scary, right?

It is, but when we lay the groundwork—the simple, clear, positive groundwork?  The action isn’t as scary as it seems.

When I watch any gymnastics or freestyle skiing, I often think holyfreakin’moly, how did they ever do that for the first time?!  Looks beyond scary—terrifying, even!

But, of course, they work their way there.  They start small—they build strength, learn the basics, and practice, practice, practice.  No doubt with a few bruises along the way.  They always brush themselves off and try again.  They take action.

We can think of our lives in the same way.

Well, not quite the same way—we’re not talking about learning triple back somersaults or triple back somersaults with massive floppy skis hanging from our feet!  

We’re talking a mind change—not even a dramatic life change (unless you want it to!).

It starts small—with a choice.

A choice that says I’m not going to settle for less than I deserve.

A choice that says life is for the living and I’m here to live it, fully.

A choice to clear the decks and surround ourselves and our loved ones with what’s important.

And, we don’t have to do everything all at once!  In fact, that might be the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve?!

The choice is enough for the moment.

In the next moment, you might get a box and write ‘to donate’ on it.

Then, moment by moment, it will be filled to full.

But, it started small.

Fortunate are those who take the first steps.

~ Paulo Coelho

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