This is the last post in our series and we’re going forward with consciousness, with confidence.

Make it light

Perhaps one of the biggest takeaways that I hope we move forward with is that mindfulness is an accessible way of life.

When we think of enlightenment, we think lofty, unattainable, angelic-state of being—and it’s really just lightening up.  Being lightful.


Mindfulness is the same—it’s not this out-of-reach way of being.

We don’t have to find the time—we’re in it.

We don’t have to fork out lots of dough—completely free.

We don’t have to meditate or do yoga or practice breathing exercises—we can, but we don’t have to.  They may assist in some forms of mindfulness, but they aren’t the state itself—we’re not only mindful as we meditate or because we meditate.

We don’t have to change our lives—only our minds.

Brain transplant?!

The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of our minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.

~ William James

In good time

Rachel and I have said this many times, and we’ll say it again.  It won’t happen overnight, but (all together now)—

It will happen!

This is all part of the non-judgement, be kind to ourselves practice.

We don’t have to do everything all at once.

We can’t do everything all at once.

One moment at a time.

We will falter—that’s okay.

Mindful fulfilment (mindfulfilment!) isn’t an end result here—it’s a constant practice.

A constant cycle of simplifying, taking notice, and refining our attention.

One moment at a time.

It’s the stubbornness of humanity, this multi-tasking business.

We must put down what we carry, open the door, and then take up only what we need to bring inside.

~ Mark Nepo

This is a good metaphor for a shift to mindfulness.

Because mindfulness isn’t just a coping strategy for stress or anxiety.

Mindfulness, as we’ve come to know it, is an engagement with life and it’s a process.

We first need to leave behind old beliefs and the stuff that’s weighing us down.  Simplify.

Then, we can open the door to our awareness.  Take notice.

And, finally, we refine who we are and how we go forward.

A conscious identity.

A mindful you

A mindful you is thankful, joyful, and respectful, and someone who experiences these things fully.  Gratitude for being alive, joy for living, respect for life.

A mindful you is someone who is calm and content.  Someone who can handle the challenges that life brings to your table and grow from them.

A mindful you is aware of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and how those thoughts, emotions, and actions affect yourself and those around you.

A mindful you is kind and gentle—you’re doing this for the first time and wrong turns are part of the journey.  In fact, wrong turns often lead you in the right direction.

A mindful you is someone who knows that past regrets and future worries have no hold over you when you live in the present moment.

A mindful you is any, all or none of these things—that’s the beauty.  You can choose to be whoever you want or need to be because, when you’re mindful, you’re making conscious choices.

You’re engaging with your true identity and energy in each moment—you are ever-changing, ever-evolving.  Being mindful is accepting where you are at any given moment and trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

A mindful you is human—as any human flawed, complicated, colourful, hopeful.


Enlightenment, joy, and peace can never be given to you by another.  The well is inside you.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh