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It’s the journey

Continuing … again.

Although, it’s been a week since the last post and I completely lost the train of thought I was on—never mind, just caught another.

We’ve been talking about the gap between real life and dream life.  How important it is to accept where we are—not to think of life in terms of the bridge we need to build, to cross, to get to the “other side,” yet not having the foggiest idea how to do it, so ending up stuck in this eternal space between here and there.

Golly, what a conversation?!

So, I’ve just realised something and I’m a bit slow because this is quite obvious—

They say it’s about the journey and it really is.

Mark Nepo [I’ve been quoting him a lot lately] shares this story in The Book of Awakening

When I came upon the mountain, I was in a hurry.  I thought it would take too long to make my way around, so I set out to break a path through.  Each rock and branch felt like a waste of time.  If only the mountain weren’t in the way.  I cut my legs and arms as I rushed along.  It grew harder to breathe, and I lost all sense of direction.  Now I had to climb high enough to see.

Once I broke the treeline, something in me had to see the top.  Then I hurried my way up, and strangely, as I worked the climb—step after step—I kept rising, but felt as though I were going nowhere.  Finally, I broke the clouds.  I had never seen sun on top of clouds.  I sat in a clearing on a cliff, the light on top of my head, like a cloud.  Suddenly, reaching the top or getting beyond the mountain no longer seemed important.  I liked it up here and felt that I could live on the mountain.  But I had to return.  I had to eat.  I needed love.  But now when someone asks about breaking through what’s in the way or being in a hurry, I look both ways and say, “Pursue the obstacle.  It will set you free.”

It’s about the journey—and the journey is preparing us for what’s to come.  Seeing a sunrise wouldn’t be quite so spectacular or fulfilling, without the effort that comes before.  We are not the same without having faced challenges—allowed them to break us, to change us.  There is no light at the end of the tunnel without the tunnel.

In the land of research, transformative learning is a concept that’s talked about—a framework for connecting experiences and creating change.  Transformation isn’t instant—it’s a process.  From our current perspective, journeying through the experience—reflecting on it, making our own meaning from it, and then interpreting it and incorporating it into life.

I think that’s the step I’ve been missing.  Acknowledging that instant, all-encompassing transformation isn’t going to happen at the drop of a hat—there’s a need to embrace life, as it is now, and slowly, gently incorporate the new lessons, until they become the new norm.

So, instead of thinking of that dream life as on the other side of a mammoth mountain [or thinking of our current life as the mammoth mountain!]—we accept where we’re at and realise that we’re on a journey, and we have to take all the steps along the way.

Oh, it will make the trek all the sweeter.

And, with each step—we are closer than we’ve ever been.

Well wishes,

Julia x

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