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Accepting what is

We finished the last post to be continued, so—

… continuing.

If you didn’t read the last post, it was about events that take us out of our daily lives and how hard it is to go back—impossible, even.  So, when we have transformative experiences, how do we bridge that gap between life, as we know it, and life, as we wish it?

What I’ve just discovered is this—

The gap may not even be our gap and, therefore, there is no bridging what’s out of our control.

What the dickens does that mean and why am I so excited about something that sounds so hopeless?!

Let’s break it down—

Firstly, I got to thinking about “my” gap, this gap between the life I’m living and the life I want to live.  I realised that my deepest sense of lack is not actually for myself, it’s for the world we live in, as a whole.

I’ve learned so many amazing, incredible things in the past few years and my grief is not that I’m not fully able to live these lessons, but that the world doesn’t exist in which for us all to live in a peaceful, connected, loving, fulfilled way.

And, I’m not talking hippy dippy, sitting around the campfire, singing kumbaya—I’m talking a world, our world, where people actually look after themselves and each other again, and the focus of our lives is not on digital obsession and material accumulation.

So, the gap is not my own—and, in certain situations, such as natural disasters, the gap is enforced, quite suddenly, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

It’s not great, obviously!  And, it’s so easy to fall into a fit of despair and say, well, there’s nothing I can do, there’s no hope, the life I want to live doesn’t exist—and leave it at that.

This is where acceptance comes in.

Acceptance isn’t soft, weak, submissive, bowing down to whatever force is upon us.

Acceptance is a deep, courageous, inner strength and ability to say—okay, so this is happening.  Can’t go under it, can’t go over it, got to go through it, and we will make it out the other side.

This is the second part—this acceptance of what is?  This acceptance that there is no bridge to build, there is no gap, there is only now?  This is where our freedom lies.

Because, the thought of building a bridge and not knowing how to do it—that’s a daunting task.  But, when we accept that we are right here, right now?  That’s a weight off.

Now, I hear you ask—but, isn’t the issue that right here, right now, is not where we want to be?

Bugger, you’re right.

But, maybe [hopefully?], right here, right now, can be just a tad more doable when the bridge isn’t looming before us?  When we’re not comparing it to some magical, mystical future moment that doesn’t exist?  When we’re just right here and right now and doing the best we can with it?

Oh, there are more words to be had—to be continued …

Well wishes,

Julia x


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