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Bridging the gap

Have you ever done something or gone somewhere that’s completely suspended your reality for days at a time?  A holiday or retreat?  Maybe a school exchange, a business summit?  An [insert your TV binge here]?!!

You’ve been introduced to a world beyond your four walls, expanded your horizons.  You’ve found peace and tranquility [or shock and awe?!].  You’ve met new people—loved, laughed, cried.  You’ve seen incredible sights, connected with nature, challenged your knowledge.  You’ve learned to let go.  You’ve experienced a pure harmony.


You’ve been taken out of your daily routine so utterly and then—


There’s the jarring reentry back to life.  Because the life you left hasn’t changed—work is still there on Monday morning.  Those unanswered emails.  The washing is still there.  Petty arguments.  Inconsiderate drivers are still there.  Early alarms and late busses.  Slugs trying to munch your garden.  Twitter and litter and finicky jitters.  Still there.

But—you’ve changed.

How do you go back?

Short answer—you can’t.

I tried.  I just visited Dawson’s Creek and it didn’t return me to my 15-year-old self.  Far from it.

This is my struggle right now.  The experiences I’ve had this year, the things I’ve learned, people I’ve met, the books I’ve read and still reading [Braiding Sweetgrass], have created this gaping hole between life, as I know it, and the life I want to lead.

And, I don’t know how to get there.

Is that where the issue lies—the focus on there, instead of here?

How do we consolidate the two?  How do we create a life we don’t want to retreat from—or create a life that, when we do go on holiday or break bad for a while, we’re content to come back home?

These posts usually have a question and an answer—but, I don’t have an answer for this one.


To be continued …

Well wishes,

Julia x


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