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Embracing the whole

You know they say things come in threes?

  1. Participated in a workshop where there were feelings printed on white and black cards—representing positive and negative experiences.
  2. A beautiful yoga teacher posting that yoga is unconditional and invites us to bring all our baggage to the mat.
  3. Another Mark Nepo special from his Book of Awakening, questioning why, when we see tears, we ask—what’s wrong?

The lesson is loud and clear—

There is no lightness without darkness.  Wellness isn’t just brightness, positivity—it only exists when we connect to every part of ourselves.

The workshop was really great for bringing awareness to the fact that we do judge our experiences, our feelings—starkly labelling them good or bad.

Gabrielle’s post highlighted that wellness isn’t about avoiding situations or losing the parts of ourselves that we deem to be less than desirable—or in need of fixing.

And, why is crying a “bad” thing?  Does something have to be wrong for us to shed a tear?

Of course, the answer is—no.  Not wrong, not a bad thing.

So, we embrace our highs and lows—our dark side, as well as our light.

We embrace the fact that our feelings are not unique—we can’t feel anything that hasn’t been felt before, so when we label ourselves as unworthy or useless or weak, we’re also calling others those very things.

We embrace that imposter syndrome is very real—but, instead of comparing ourselves to people at a different stage in their journey and feeling lack, we can use it as a guidepost for growth and possibility.

We embrace that chips [or insert your craving here] are irresistable and, while we want to embrace a nutritious diet that nourishes our body, we also don’t need to feel guilty when we have a little comfort food for our mind.

We embrace the fact that we’re complicated creatures and being human is hard—so hard that letting water escape from our eyes isn’t a bad thing, it’s necessary.  It’s an expression of deep feeling.

We embrace that we’re going to experience fear and doubt and anxiety and feelings of inadequacy and helplessness, but it’s not negative—it’s natural.  The trick is not falling down the rabbit hole and only seeing the darkness.

Wellness, then, becomes not a state of bright, bubbly being, but a journey of awareness, challenge, resilience, growth, hope, and connection.

A journey of wholeness.

Well wishes,

Julia x

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