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Wellness for all-ways

I’ve committed the cardinal sin of blogging—I haven’t written a post in three weeks.

And, you know what?

I don’t really know what I’m going to write now, eith—wait.  It just came to me!

Whoa.  Talk about timing.

I started writing a post a couple of weeks back.  It was going to be called ‘Wellness for all’, in honour of the belief that everyone has the capacity and capability to create their own wellness—and everyone is deserving of wellness.  But, I just couldn’t get going, nothing was flowing, so I hit delete again and again.

And again.

Then, as I sat down just now to write this post, I realised how out of practice I am—when you don’t write a post in three weeks, you kind of lose your mojo.

I feel it, too, with yoga—and meditation.  And eating right.  And self-care.

When we don’t do something on a regular basis, we lose it.  We lose the benefits.  We lose the feelings.  We lose the energy.

This is the culture we live in.  The culture where self-care is an indulgent treat—or a retreat.  We have to retreat from our regular lives to care for ourselves, we have a few moments of bliss, and then we’re mired back in the hustle and bustle again.


We need to shift this mindset.  Self-care has to be our regular life.  Everything else is an add-on.

Because self-care means fulfilment.  It means a greater capacity to give—to give our best is to live our best.  It means deeper connection to our loved ones and our communities.  It means energy, engagement, enjoyment.

Wellness for all—wellness is for everyone.  And it’s for everyone.  When we care for ourselves, we care for each other.

Wellness for all-ways—there are so many ways that we can create our wellness.  So many ways!  We just have to find our way—or ways.

Wellness for always.  It’s got to be a regular gig.  Not a treat.  Not a retreat.  An always, everydays focus.

Well wishes to you,

Julia x


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