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Are you well?

Welcome to Museful’s 30-day wellness journey.

We’re off to explore ways to create our own wellness.

Deliberately, consciously, intentionally.

From the inside out.

Every day for the month of September, I’ll send a little love to your inbox.

Easy access, you don’t even have to visit the website—unless you want to!

When I say a little love, I really mean a lot of love—but in a small package! I know your time is precious and I don’t want to take too much of it—though, what better way to spend our time than on our wellness, right?! We’ll learn all about the foundation of wellness, travelling through practices for our inner selves and, lastly, our connection to the world.

Each daily message will include a thought, idea, suggestion, or optional action—all things that we can choose [or not!] to use in our journey of wellness.

Note—journey of wellness. This is not a journey to wellness.

We already have it, it’s all about learning it, living it. Actively seeking and breathing new ways of being—ways of being well, right here, right now.

Not tomorrow or in a month’s time.

Right now.

Disclaimer—I know ‘free’ usually comes with pressure to buy down the line. None of that here—I have nothing to sell!

Are you in?

Look forward to catching up with you September first—we’ll spring into Spring [or fall into Fall?!!] together.

Well wishes,

Julia x

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