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Exploring the deep

So, part of our research journey—a big part—is defining just what wellness means to us.

And, I’ve taken to using the word wellness over well-being because of its meaning.

Well-being is the trending word of the hour and it’s defined as “a good or satisfactory condition of existence.”

Cool, that’s fine.

But, we know that wellness is better.

wellness n. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort


Healthy. Body and mind. Deliberate effort.

We can still use the term well-being, no worries—but we just need to know what we mean by it.

We mean healthy. We mean body and mind. We mean deliberate effort.

Below the surface

I saw a headline on MiNDFOOD’s latest magazine cover that said this—

The Wellness Revolution

Treatments, trends & taking time out

I want to say that this isn’t an attack on MiNDFOOD—I have a lot of respect for their platform. And, I haven’t read the content, I’ve only seen an image of the front cover online—so, the content itself may be different.

But—the headline. Actually, it’s more like the description of it.

They use wellness, which is awesome—big tick!

It’s the next line that’s the problem.

Treatments, trends & taking time out

Sounds harmless enough, right? What’s the issue?

Let’s break it down.

Do treat yo’self

Self-care is a huge, massive, gigantic part of wellness—but, when we say treat yo’self, this doesn’t mean getting a massage or facial or mani-pedi on your birthday.

But, that’s what springs to mind when we see the word treatment, right?

Well, that or treatment for an illness—which is necessary and a whole other topic.

Treatments, in this case, suggest nice things we do, every once in a while.

Treatments suggest surface-level things that we do, every once in a while.

And, the other thing about treatments—along with a lot of our physical wellness habits—

They cost money.

A lot of money.

And, that often makes them out of reach.

But, treating ourselves to mental wellness?

That’s completely and utterly free.


It’s all inside us. It comes from within.  It’s a choice.

We definitely need to go deeper on this one—next post!

So on trend

Trend isn’t a word that I’ve ever taken to—or been associated with.

Or any of its mates—trendy, trending, trendier, trendiest, trends, trendz. I’m so not on trend or up with the trendz.  Have you seen my leg warmers?!

Trend is also not a word that we want associated with wellness.

It’s not about doing what’s fashionable at the time.

Again, wellness is not surface-level, skin deep—it’s not about what it looks like.

What’s “cool.”

This also reminds me of a recent women’s lifestyle expo that was in town. I saw an advertisement for it in the paper and it said—

Fashion, beauty, wine and food, and more!



No.  No, no, no, no, no!  This is not our lifestyle. This is not self-care.  Not wellness.



Time to change the world, please and thank you!

Take time out

Speaking of time and we’ve already talked about this one, but it’s an important one—we can say more words on this one.

We shouldn’t have to take time out of our day to focus on wellness—or meditation or yoga or mindfulness or whatever it is we do to take care of ourselves.

It’s not about taking time out.

It’s about engaging in.  Making conscious choices about how we spend our time.

A great way to review what and why and how we’re doing what we’re doing—

Important list

I’ve actually never done it—another of these things that I see, that I think is really good, and never do it!

I’m going to do it now.  Laying the foundation for wellness—it starts with our daily actions and aligning those daily actions with value, with what’s important.

What’s important to you?

Are you living it?

Well wishes,

Julia xx

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