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Mind for meditation


Maybe one of the most misunderstood practices on the planet?!

A practice that can be so incredibly beneficial for our wellness.

I know this—I know this.

I’ve read it, I’ve researched it, I’ve written about it.

But, I haven’t really experienced it—or allowed myself to experience it on a regular basis, anyway.

Let’s muse—

Out of mind

Growing up, meditation was not in the mainstream—it was in airy fairy, cloud cuckoo land.

I always thought meditation was this out of mind, out of body experience, where you float out of yourself and—well, I’m not sure what else!  Just float away.

Because of this long-lingering [however misguided!] belief, when I first started trying to “meditate,” and my mind wouldn’t shut off and my body wouldn’t stay still and there was no floating [say, what?!], I thought—okay, doesn’t work.

First lesson—

Meditation is not an out of mind, out of body experience.

Quite the opposite—it’s an in mind, in body experience.

It’s about giving ourselves the time to slow down, to stop.  To take notice of how we’re feeling in mind and body, and allow ourselves to experience it.  Fully.

To feel it.

No time out

The other big misconception about meditation is that it takes time.  Precious time.

We have to sit, on the floor, with our legs crossed, and our hands in mudras, for hours and hours [and hours] on end, for meditation to “work.”

And, also that we have to find time, to take time out of our day, to meditate.

Big misconception.

Meditation can be a minute.  Or it can be 55 minutes, or 23 or 5 or 91.  It is however long we have to spend, that day, on quieting our mind, relaxing our body, and breathing into the open space.

It is however long we have to show ourselves that we value ourselves.

Which we’ve just discovered is a big part of our wellness.

Creating conscious wellness is about paying attention to the things that we’re paying attention to—like how we’re talking to ourselves and what we’re spending our time on.

Do we think of showering, eating breakfast, going to work, as taking time out of our day to do these things?

What about scrolling social media or watching Netflix or playing Candy Crush?  Are we taking time out of our days for these [mindless?!] tasks?

Yet, when it comes to self-care—for exercise or meditation, it’s often thought of in those terms.

We can’t find time to exercise.

We don’t take time out of our day to meditate.

But, if we treat these self-care activities as daily essentials, as we do with brushing our teeth, eating dinner, going to bed, then—they become part of our day.  Part of us.

We’re not finding time to meditate—we’re treating ourselves, allowing ourselves the time to be still, to reflect, to refresh.

It starts now

Oprah and Deepak have another free 21-day meditation experience starting now.

I’ve “done” them many times before—but, I haven’t truly allowed myself to experience the benefits because I didn’t think that meditation “worked” for me.  I just listened to their wonderful, wise words, and then got distracted and moved on with my day.

Not this time.

I’m committing [and you’re witness to this!] to do this—really, properly do this—meditation practice for the next 21 days and I’ll report back along the way.

Of course, you’re welcome to join me?!  The theme of this experience is Energy of Attraction: Manifesting your best life.  Sounds like a goodie!

Well wishes,
Julia xx

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