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Thoughts to action

Hi there, old [you’re not old] friends and new! It’s been a while—how are you??

I want to welcome you to the freshly new/hopefully improved Museful site. Since we last met, I’ve finished my postgraduate study, become a registered yoga teacher, and started a business—though that sounds a lot fancier than it actually is.

It means I finished my thesis, but still waiting for it to be assessed [Murphy’s Law—just got it back as we speak!]. It means I’m qualified to teach yoga, but I’ve been practicing less than before I did the training. It means that I’ve had two paying jobs in six months.

It means I have something to share with you.


Here’s the flow down—

The original Museful

This whole journey started with the desire to collate all sorts of beautiful, inspiring words, art, and useful information in the one place. Museful—full of muses, right? I liked the idea well enough, but it just didn’t crack on. Well, I didn’t crack on with it.

It wasn’t enough.

There’s a wee remnant of it in the Resources of light page.

Museful 2.0

Next, the site became home to my Master’s thesis project on the impact of reading for mindfulness. But, let me tell you—once you’ve finished a thesis, you’ve said about all there is to say on the matter! The project lives on—you can read the series here, starting with an introduction to our special brand of mindfulness and on through topics, like gratitude, kindness, intention, and care.  I do still believe in the power of reading for mindfulness, but—

It isn’t enough.

Introducing Museful wellness

And, here we arrive, in this space, in this moment. This Museful has grown out of its past—wanting to read and share the words of the muses, but now with a bit of a twist.

Turning those words into action.

You see, I’m a bit of an overthinker [understatement].

But, it’s really not enough.

I’ve read and watched and thought about so many beautiful, inspiring ideas since my life packed in seven years [itch] ago, but reading and watching and thinking doesn’t make you well.

A bookshelf crammed with self-help books doesn’t make you well.

A daily dose of TED talking doesn’t make you well.

An Instagram feed full of motivational quotes [and puppies]?

Doesn’t make you well.

wellness n. the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

Are you well?

As well as you can be?

We can read and think and plan and scroll til the cows come home, but it ain’t worth a damn without deliberate effort.

Healthy bodies don’t just happen.

Healthy minds definitely don’t just happen.

So, that’s what Museful is going to be about—investigating effective ways to turn our deliberate effort into wellness.

Side note—I saw a story recently that questioned the effectiveness of mindfulness because there isn’t enough research yet.  This rarks me up because research isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, but it does have one thing going for it—

Research is about evidence.

Here’s some evidence—

Yesterday, I gave the worst presentation of my life.

I felt blocked physically [literally!], mentally, emotionally—

Saying, not doing.

Not being.

The audience weren’t affected because I wasn’t being affective—or effective.

I wasn’t convincing at all.

Actually, if I convinced them of anything, it was to do the exact opposite of what I was trying to say!

But, hey, there’s nothing quite like a complete failure to spur you into action.


Let me [now!]be a living, breathing, walking, talking example to whoever wants to come along for the ride.

Whoever is, like me, feeling like they just aren’t as well as they can be.

As affective or effective as they want to be.

But, tired of just [over]thinking about it.

Whoever is ready to do it, to be it.

And, not to worry—deliberate effort doesn’t have to feel like deliberate effort!

Over the next days, weeks, months, forever, we’re going to put all these incredible things we’ve come across to the test—mindfulness, meditation, yoga, essential oils, manifestation, creative visualisation, abundant thinking, the law of attraction, minimalism … the list goes on, you’re welcome to add to it.

Please do contact me with your arts of wellness and we’ll create a site full of useful and museful practices for our minds and bodies.

All of these things that make deliberate effort feel like a walk in the park.

All of these things that can have an extraordinary effect on the quality of our wellness—the quality of our lives.

All of these things that people fob off as airy fairy bollocks because there isn’t enough research yet.

Let us be the evidence.

Let us believe in the incredible [abnormal?!] because—

Why the hell not?

What have we got to lose?

Let us create our wellness out of a world full of beautiful, wise, extraordinary muses and their beautiful, wise, extraordinary musings.

Who wants ordinary?

Let’s go exploring!

Are you in?

Well wishes,

Julia xx

2 thoughts on “Thoughts to action”

  1. We are on the same path! So lovely to share this walk with you. Today I mindfully explained to myself and then my 8 year old that I found driving in a new place really stressful but because we had left early I had now been able to familiarise myself and therefore feel in control and not panicky. Leave early! Cut out that extra thing that you think you can fit in!!

    Liked by 1 person

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