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love letter #five

Dearest Sandi Morris,

You changed my life today.

Honestly, I never thought I’d say that of a pole vaulter—no offence intended, I didn’t expect to know a pole vaulter!

Except for Kiwi, Eliza McCartney, who is a beautiful example of positive energy, isn’t she?

Anyway, that’s another letter for another day—today is all about what I saw happen on the telly at the IAAF World Indoor Championships.

Something I didn’t expect to be watching!

World Champs are all about competition, are they not?

Of course, they are—any sport is.

It’s all about doing what you can to beat someone else, better another, best others.


And, you did.

For those that don’t know, Sandi is now the women’s pole vault indoor world champ.

Something I didn’t expect to know!

But, it’s what happened after she won the title that got me.

After she had already won, after she had already been competing for three hours—she raised the bar.

Literally and figuratively.

She wasn’t competing against anyone else—she’d already done that.

She was competing against herself.

She was trying to better herself.

This is the greatest lesson we can ever learn and it’s more important than ever now, in a world that has us turning against each other—competing against each other.

For what?

The greatest thing we can ever do is simply try and better ourselves.

There is no such thing as competition.

There is no such thing as winning and losing when it comes to a fight between people, between cultures, between nations.

There is only losing.

There is only losing until we remember that we’re all humans.

The beautiful thing about the IAAF World Champs was that, despite the fact that they’re sportspeople and they were there to win, there was so much camaraderie.  Celebrating their fellow athletes, enjoying their accomplishments.

And, what I learned from watching it?

The best thing we can do is try to better ourselves and to celebrate others.

Without celebration there is only jealousy, resentment, destruction.

I sure vote for celebration.


Well wishes,



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