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love letter #three

Dearest Atticus,

You changed my life today.

I’ll just leave this here—



Oh, my golly—yes.

The whole reason for this site is to honour those who have built us.

Like Atticus—master poet of truth.

And, what a revelation to think about the opposite.

The breakers.

Got me thinking about the biggest breakers of all—


Well, not ourselves—more accurately, our minds.

We really are our biggest downfalls, our biggest critics, our biggest barriers to what’s on the other side of our minds.

What is on the other side of our minds?

Experience—pure and simple.

Not analysis, scrutiny, judgement—mind games.

Experience—the feeling game.

We have these five incredible, beautiful senses through which we can feel alive, experience life.

Six, depending who you talk to.  I’m sure we’ll talk about the sixth sense one day—not the movie.  The real thing!

On the other side of our mind is the ability to fully experience all the magnificent and mundane moments of our days.

Why do we want to fully experience the mundane?

I hear you.

But, what if the mundane isn’t actually mundane—we just think it is?

Like we think that we’re not good enough.

Not as good as.

Not good.

These destructive thoughts stop us from experiencing anything—mundane or magnificent.

Or from the opportunity to turn the mundane into the magnificent.

But, as Atticus so knowingly puts it—

We’re made of the builders and the breakers.

So, how can we, the breakers, put ourselves back together?

Bugger if I know—work in progress.

But, it starts with less thinking.

More feeling.

Well wishes,


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