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love letter #one

Dearest Glennon Doyle,

You changed my life today.

I saw your post on Instagram about Valentine’s Day and it sparked a lightning bolt in my soul.  I haven’t written in a while because, well, I didn’t have anything to say and this site has been through too many identities already (sorry, lovely Readers), so I wanted to take some time to figure out what it was.

Now we know.

Thanks to you.

Friends, Muses and Musers, for we are all muses and we all use them

Welcome to the new Musefulwhich is actually the old, original Museful, I just overcomplicated it before.

Story of my life.

The purpose of this site is to bring together all the beautiful people who inspire us, to share their incredible words, to show our gratitude.

Glennon, your beautiful Valentine’s post has inspired me to write love letters to all the people who have changed my life, in the hopes that I can shine your light on those yet to be reached by your magicand dear Readers, Friends, Muses and Musers, you can shine that light ever further.

You know you want to!

How did one post do all this?  For those who don’t know her, Glennon is the author of Love Warrior (sorry, I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my listif you’ve read it, please share your thoughts, share the light!).  She’s an activist for love, for community and common sense, and founded Together Rising, which does incredible things to raise women, families, and communities in times of need.

This was the Instapost


How beautiful is that?  Pure and simple.

And life-changing.

Glennon, you said it’s an extra lovely day for some people and extra crappy for others. 

You betcha!

You said the day got you thinking about how we need to stop celebrating romantic love as the only love worth having.

Yes, please.

You declared that all kinds of love stories deserve to be celebrated.

Let’s work on that.

Dear Readers, I hope you’ll join us on this journey of love, of curiosity and discovery, of courage and change.


It can happen every day, we just have to be open to it.

Well wishes,


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