a museful success

Hey muses, how are you?

Today’s little nugget of musefulness comes in the form of a quote we mentioned in the last post

another person’s beauty is not the absence of your own.

~ @thepouf

I came across this on Instagram and it struck me—not just for its beauty, but for something else.

success is everywhere

Competition is the root of our existence, right?  Survival of the fittest, it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

This is the mindset we grow with—we’re pitted against our friends and classmates, marked and graded, and spat out the other side jealous and bitter.

And, it stays with us in so much that we do.

Democracy is competition—and we end up at war simply because someone doesn’t agree with us.

Facebook is competition—and we’re the loser because our life doesn’t look like those of our friends.

Work is competition, school is competition, sport is competition—okay, we’ll allow that one, that’s meant to be!

But, the others?  No, thank you.

root to rise

We need to realise that there really is enough success to go around—that someone else’s win is not at the expense of our own.

First of all, why would we not root for our friends to rise?  That’s just not friendly at all.

Secondly, our ideas of success will be different and we should always be striving for our own.  We’ve all got our own strengths, our own personal touches to bring to whatever industry we’re coveting—and there truly is room for us all to flourish.

We just have to make it happen—by working hard ourselves and by supporting those around us.

There’s a really beautiful community I’ve stumbled across on Instagram—forgive me if I get this a little wrong.

I think the muser is called @letteritbetter and they post a calendar each month that has different sayings on it.  December is all about the—

Up to snow good.

Sleigh all day.

You had me at ho ho ho.

And, a whole bunch of calligraphers and artists will make designs of these sayings and they’ll be posted on the community page.

The exact same words, but all with the beautiful, unique flair of the hand that crafted them.

you do you

I love this!  A bunch of people doing the same thing, but in their own way, and supporting each other.

This is what it’s all about.

Just because someone else is doing the something that you want to do, doesn’t mean you won’t succeed at it—it actually just means that they’re doing it already and you’ve still got some work to do.

Let them do them and you do you.

Someone else’s success will only ever affect our own when we let jealousy and bitterness stop us in our tracks.

Jealousy, bitterness, and self-doubt—oh, yeah, the perfect storm!

We’ll talk more about self-doubt next time.

There are countless authors out there because there are countless readers with countless fantasies they want to live out through words.

There are countless musicians out there because there are countless listeners with countless heartbreaks that need to be mended by song.

There are countless artists and bankers and teachers and farmers out there because there are countless needs to be addressed in order to make the world go round.

There are even countless sportspeople because, even though competition is welcomed here (only here!), it doesn’t mean you won’t succeed—win or lose, countless sportspeople are needed to make any competition a success.

The only way we succeed is by being ourselves.

You do you.

The best way we succeed is by celebrating others.

Root to rise.

Success is everywhere—share it to grow it.

Be well,



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