a museful progress

Hey muses!

So, Murphy’s Law—

I saw a post on Instagram the other day and thought it would be a cool idea to use this series to respond to (or expand on) things we see or hear—but, of course, now that I go to find the post again, it’s gone!

It went something like this—

mind: i think i’m worried about something

me: <tries to remember what i’m worried about>

Our museful series will still be posts like a museful morning, a museful commute, a museful christmas—

Just whatever pops up when it pops up.

We’ll also now respond to quotes and memes like the one above.

Or expand on ones like—

another person’s beauty is not the absence of your own.

~ @thepouf

Just whatever pops up when it pops up!

Sound like a planley, Stanley?

what’s that again?

Do you ever do that?  You’re plodding along quite happily and then you think—

Hold on.

I’m worried about something—what is it again?

And you go through your mind until you remember what you’re worried about because—

You’re worried that you’re worried about something and it’s even more worrying when you can’t remember what that something is!

What if it’s something really bad that I’m worried about and I really need to be worried about it, right?

Golly, I know the feeling.

turn it around

Whenever this happens to me, I still search my mind to figure out why I think I’m worried—but I’ve started to switch my thinking.

I don’t try to remember why I’m worried, so that I can be worried again—I try to remember why I’m worried, so that I can realise that ah, phew, it’s not something I actually need to be worried about at all!

The next step is not trying to remember at all—trusting to just let it be.

It’s a really good lesson on the uselessness of worry—or muselessness?!

Worry is pretty unpleasant, right?

Downright miserable, actually!  It takes a shit tonne of energy and gives none of it back.  It leaves us feeling ill and incapacitated.  It monopolizes our time.

And, it does absolutely nothing to support us if or when the thing that we’re worried about actually comes into being.

Which it mostly doesn’t.

The fact that we can forget what we’re worried about is case and point.

It means that whatever we were worried about hasn’t happened—worrying about it when we were worrying about it did absolutely nothing.

If we do remember it now, it’s still not going to do a smidgen of good, because we forgot about it, which means it’s really not affecting us right this minute.

And if, if, whatever we were worried about (if we remember it!) does actually cross our path, the thing is this—

We’ll handle it.  In the right moment.  We always do.

The worry won’t have made any difference whatsoever, except waste our time and energy—and annoy us ragged trying to remember the bloody thing!

just say no

We can come up with every excuse in the book and say well, worry happens, there’s nothing we can do about it.  We can’t control it.

Or we can say why the hell not?

We’ll talk more about this in future posts, no doubt, because we need to knock down the walls that we put up for ourselves.

We make things so hard when we say we have no control over them.

We’ve got to take back control.

Just do it.

When worry pops up and threatens to overcome, we can say—

No, thank you.  That’s enough now.

It sounds simple—too simple.

But, why can’t it be that simple?

Maybe it can—shall we give it a crack?

Be well,






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