a museful thanksgiving

Hey there, how are you?

It’s that time of year—we don’t have a traditional thanksgiving holiday in New Zealand, but we can pretend.  Really, we want to turn every day into thanksgiving day.

Not with turkey, pumpkin pie and all the trimmings, golly no—but giving thanks every day?

The attitude and effort of sharing with our friends and family every day?

For sure.

attitude of gratitude

Oh, I hear you—sharing with our friends and family every day?  Are you a bit cray?

Yes, yes I am.  And, hey, I’m an introvert—the thought of socialising every day (sometimes any day?!) is enough to send me packing to the foothills of Timbuktu.

Obviously, we’re not talking about having our friends and family over for the full roast hoopla every night, but it’s the attitude—

When did spending time with our friends become such an effort?

Why is cooking for our family such a heavy burden?

There’s so much talk around this time and heading into Christmas about just getting through it—as if it’s something we have to endure.

But, what if we could actually enjoy it again?

reason for season

Uh oh, I’ve started it now—the rhyming titles.  What next?!

Remember, when we were kids and we just couldn’t wait to see our friends at morning tea and lunch time and after school?

The excitement of the holidays for, well, mostly presents, but also hanging out with all our cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents?

Then—we grow up.

We grow up and we get opinionated—we get judgemental.

Company doesn’t delight us so much any more—it tires us, annoys us.

We dwell in the little things—what that person says or how this person acts or why that person sits on their lazy behind and never offers to help!

I’m learning this lesson (the hard way) at the moment—we choose how we react.

To people, to situations, to our everyday experiences.

We choose how we react.

And, during times like these—this could mean this year, as a whole, but also the festive season, specifically.  During times like these, we need to redefine what’s important to us.

reasoning the seasoning

Yep, that’s ↑ a lame cop out!

But, it does serve a purpose—it’s about the little things.

The seasoning.


What’s important is paying attention to what we pay attention to—

Instead of grumbling at the effort of glazing the turkey, enjoy the artistry of it.  Relive our kindy painting days!

Instead of anxiously waiting for the timer to finish, breathe in that delicious herby aroma of sizzling roast potatoes.  Oh, yeah.  That smell is soon going to be in our belly, so enjoy it while we can.

Instead of dwelling over disagreements, accept what is—we are all different people (thank goodness!).

We’re going to think differently and talk differently and act differently.

We’re not going to agree with everything that someone else says or does, but we don’t have to.

We accept our differences and let it go (maybe vent a little later?!).

Just enjoy each others company again.

Enjoy preparing a meal for our people.

Life is about giving and being grateful for living.

Happy thanksgiving!

Be well,





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