a museful change

Hey there!  How are you today?

I thought a good place to start this series would be to overhaul the website!

So, welcome to—


bits of information for wellbeing

Over the next few days, there’ll be some changes to the way the site looks—some spring cleaning.  Actually, it may change a few times until we settle on the best vibe.  Your thoughts (and vibes) are most welcome!

Our content will remain [mostly] the same and we’re absolutely cracking on with the museful series—with gusto.  When I say [mostly], I just mean that our focus is going to shift from mindfulness to wellbeing.  We’ll still talk about mindfulness because it’s an amazing tool for wellbeing—it’s just not all there is.

That’s where museful comes in!

the right fit

The reason for the change is quite simple—I didn’t really like the name unitymuse.

I did [ish] a year ago when I started the site, but something clicked in me when we started talking about musefulness, so I’m rolling with it.

For some, change can be scary, not fun—for others boring, annoying, exhausting.

I have no freaking idea why, but my quiet, painfully shy, dislike-surprises-with-a-passion younger self turned into someone who may just be addicted to change?

I’ve lost count how many different jobs I’ve had (recently resigned another).  Different hair colours and clothing styles.  Different tattoos and tattoo removal.  Different site names and looks.  Different hopes and dreams and wishes.

Side note: I’ve stopped colouring my hair now and it’s a revelation.  My hair’s transformed—didn’t know how healthy it could be.  Pretty obvious, right?  Remove the chemicals and voilà!

Maybe that’s what change is all about for me?  Removing the chemicals from my life.  Simplifying.  Clarifying.

And, maybe, it’s not that I’m addicted to change so much—I’m addicted to creating my best life.

So far, the puzzle pieces just haven’t seemed to fit.

Side note: The theme I’m looking at using for the site is called Puzzle.

full of muses

The thing about change is that we can go one of two ways—we can be wary of what might happen, so shy away from change altogether or we can trust in what’s meant to be and go for broke.

I say my life puzzle has been full of all manner of random bits and pieces that just don’t fit together, but I trust that everything I’ve learned, everywhere I’ve been, everyone I’ve met, every job I’ve quit are just as they’re meant to be.

And, the reason I love the word museful—not as in the actual meaning of pensive, thoughtful, but as in full of muses.  Museful—useful!  The reason I love the word—we’re all full of random bits and pieces that make us who we are.

Full of the muses who make us who we are.

Who change who we are.

We all experience things in different ways—we can read the same book or listen to the same song or watch the same movie and have completely different reactions to it.

We’re all different fusions of muses and by sharing, we can be museful and useful to each other.

To increase our wellbeing.

Be well,



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