a museful series

Hey there!  How’s your day going?

I had a bit of a slump after the project finished (a week ago!), thinking—

Well, where to now?

Before, the blog was just a random hodge podge of posts and then wham!  Project hit and it became a well-oiled little machine.

There’s no going back to hodge podge, but I don’t want to be a machine, either.

So, we’ll find a happy middle ground.

Welcome to—

a museful series

First things first—we’re turning mindful into museful.

What the hell is museful?

Oh, it’s completely made up, but here’s the reason—

Mindfulness is very internal, it takes us within ourselves—to really understand who and how and why we are.

Museful is mindful—just in good company.  It brings in the element of our external sources of light—how our mindful identity is created by all the wondrous people and words and ideas and experiences we meet along the way.

Side note: Mindful enthusiasts might well say this is just not mindfulness and they’d be right—it’s not traditional mindfulness.  We’re creating our own definitions.

I think that’s the biggest thing that I want to communicate about musefulness—it’s not one size fits all.  In fact, entirely the opposite—

One size fits one.  We are the only one of us who will ever exist in the whole history of life—the only one who will ever walk our specific footsteps, have our specific thoughts and experiences, at our specific moments in time.

Musefulness is like our personal collage—all the beautiful and random pieces that fit together to create this artwork that is us.

All the beautiful and random pieces that we share to help others along the way.

a muse-along

The way I see this in my head (which is not always that realistic!) is we’ll have posts like a museful morning, a museful cold, a museful student, a museful christmas.

Just whatever pops up when it pops up.  We’ll talk a bit about the thing, whatever or whoever it is.  We’ll have some awe-inspiring words from some awe-inspiring people—with suggestions for how to be museful in that situation or if we’re that person.

You might not always (or ever!) be that specific person, but there may still be interesting tidbits in there for you.

For example—

a museful morning might talk about ways to embrace those first rays of the day—how we can set ourselves up well for the moments to follow.

a museful cold will likely have suggestions for how people deal with the sniffles—things to try and get us out of that miserable, dark, low (no?!) energy zone.

a museful student could offer some insight about conscious decision making, really engaging in what we’re doing—not just going to school because we have to.

a museful christmas—well, that might be a series in itself, right?!  This could range from budgeting to dealing with the mad shopping rush to organising the tribe and remaining sane.  Enjoying it, even?

The idea would be that we’d try out the suggestions and share our stories?

What do you reckon?

I won’t be posting at the same time or the same days every week, which goes against every piece of expert advice ever given, but we’ll make it work—go with the flow?!

As we did at the start of the project, we’ll outline what our musefulness looks like—and what it doesn’t.

our museful view

Our musefulness is not hocus pocus, airy fairy-ness.  It’s about becoming really, ridiculously awake to our life and how we’re living it.

Our musefulness isn’t about spending hours meditating—we can if we want to, if that’s our jam, but if it’s not?  Mindfulness and meditation can exist without the other—we can be mindful (and museful!) without being a meditator.

Our musefulness isn’t about changing our lives—we’ll still be going to work and doing the washing and making the kids’ lunches.  Instead, it’s about changing our minds and our reactions to work and washing and kids and lunches.

Our musefulness is not about shutting off our thoughts—it’s about realising that we’re not our thoughts.  It’s about hearing them out and being able to say thank you, mind, but that’s enough now.

Our musefulness isn’t just a stress reduction tool—it is that and so much more.  It’s enjoyment, identity, creativity, perspective, and unity.

Our musefulness isn’t about taking time out of our busy lives, it’s about engaging in them.  Experiencing every delicious moment.

Our musefulness isn’t going to automagically (my beautiful colleague’s word) make us become peaceful, joyful, enlightened beings.

Bugger, right?!

Situations will arise, emotions will arise, challenges, fears, and frustrations will arise—and we’ll react accordingly.

What our musefulness will do is increase our ability to react consciously.

To react truthfully.

To react in ways that leave us feeling content and not dwelling in the dark places—for too long!  Oh, we’ll still dwell—just not for too long.

So, the plan for this series (we’ll see how it pans out!) is to expose musefulness to various situations, events, and people, and learn what works, I guess?

Our musefulness is about sharing the journey.

Are you in?

Enjoy your day.



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