a little late

You know how they say that things come to you at just the right moment?

Sometimes, they come a day late.

Yesterday was Mindfulness Day and I didn’t know it until it was too late to post anything—and I didn’t really have anything to say.

But, today—

The wise and wonderful Liz Gilbert just posted on Instagram and in the photo, she has the word student written on her hand.

She explains that she puts it on her hand, on the hard days, to remind herself that she’s just a student, that life is a school for endless learning, and it’s okay if you haven’t mastered everything yet.


I think I’d go a step further to say it’s okay if you haven’t mastered anything yet.

Here’s the thing—

We’re human.  We’re pretty cool, but not amazing—pretty faulty, right?!

And we’ve got this huge task on our shoulders—we have to create the universe.

Say what?

The universe doesn’t exist without us.  I mean—it does, but it doesn’t.

Sure, the planet might still turn without us, but as Deepak Chopra and Mena Kafatos point out in You Are The Universe—the sky isn’t blue and birds don’t chirp and roses aren’t sweetly scented without our eyes and our ears and our noses to experience those things.

So, we’re flawed and we have this massive responsibility and here’s the kicker—

We’ve never done this before.

Depending on your beliefs, some would say that we are spirit reborn, that our souls reincarnate after death.  Some say that our journey on this Earth is all about the evolution of our spirit.

No matter what your beliefs are—these bodies that we’re in right now and these minds that we have right now are brand spanking new.

We’ve never done this before.

And yet, we’re so hard on ourselves.

Something else that Liz Gilbert has talked about (so wise and so wonderful) is that we’re quick to show compassion to others—when our loved ones do something “wrong” or make a mistake or feel down, we’ll say don’t worry.  You didn’t know.  These things happen.

But, when it’s our own mistake or choice or wrongness?  We will beat ourselves up til the cows come home.

We need to learn to say it more often—

We’ve never done this before.

When our thesis proposals get ripped to shreds?

We’ve never done this before.

When we’re new parents?

We’ve never done this before.

When we start a new job or sit our driver’s test or don’t know that it’s mindfulness day, even though mindfulness is our jam?

We’ve never done this before.

When we screw up, muck up, fuck up, break up, break down, fall down, let down, melt down—

We’ve.  Never.  Done.  This.  Before.

We’re students.  Life is our school.

We don’t ever have to master anything—we just have to keep trying.

Even if we get there a little late.



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