ups and downs

So, guess what?

One day we can be completely over the moon about getting our thesis accepted and the next—we’re back to treading water, waiting for the ethics to be approved by the committee.

One day we can be writing daily doable goals in our planner and after a week of ticking off about half the things on our list—we stop planning anything for the next week (and realise we haven’t written a post in that time, either).

One day we can hold a yoga crow pose (a very wobbly crow pose, but a crow pose all the same) for about one and a half seconds—and the next we take a nose dive and forget how we ever balanced our knees on our triceps in the first place (and why we wanted to?!).

One day we can be feeling really, ridiculously positive about the world lighting our path and the next moment—we remember all the hurt, hate, and hardship on the planet and our hearts break, all over again.

In the lyrics of Ronan Keating, life is a rollercoaster (just gotta ride it!).

What’s the answer?

Golly only knows!

But, what are some things we know to be true?

Firstly, our lives are so intertwined that we’re ever, forever and always, going to be effected (and affected) by others—reliant on others.

Doctors, bank managers, teachers, employers, parents, world leaders, and ethics committee members are going to hold our lives in their hands.

In some cases, we’re going to have to rely on hope that they realise and use their position in productive and compassionate ways—in other cases, we have to show them.

Teach by doing.

Oh, the power of critical mass!  If knuckle bones, chatter rings, and fidget spinners can go viral—surely, surely, a world that’s free of hurt, hate, and hardship can catch on?!

That comes down to the action plan.  Daily doable action.

The important word there being doable.

Note to self—writing five doable actions a day is not doable and we’ll end up giving up (case and point).

Start with one.  Maybe two, at a stretch.


We need to be able to feel good about the things that we do tick off, not feel lousy for all the things we don’t!

We have to just keep on trying and reframe our reaction to failure.

Failure is not failure.  It’s simply a way of telling us to try another key, door, path, road.  As much as we want to become a certified yoga instructor (and we will try crow pose a few more times), maybe it’s just not meant to be.

And that’s okay.

Life goes on.  Through all the hurt and hate and hardship, the world continues to turn—we have to keep getting up, showing up, growing up (sorry, Peter).

I’ve just finished reading Fearless by Arianna Huffington and, in it, she talks about critical mass (see above) and quotes these wise words—

I have found that life persists in the midst of destruction.  Therefore there must be a higher law than that of destruction.

~ Gandhi

So, if life can go on (and does go on) with all the terrible acts of disharmony we’re currently experiencing, it’s absolutely possible for it to go on without those things.

Oh, just imagine a world without those things?

Do we dare?

If we don’t, who will?

We have to strive for the ups—to find the higher law that tops destruction.

The wonderful thing is that we don’t need to find it—we already know what that law is.

It’s love.

Love is the winner.

We need to remember that—live it, breathe it, share it, endear it.

Communicate, celebrate, reflect, and respect it.

Shout it from the top step.

And, the beautiful thing about community is that, when we’re feeling a bit low, which we’re all allowed to do, there’ll be a myriad of others who carry that light of love and will be there to help us up, when we’re ready.


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