life chooses you

I watched this short doco on Jim Carrey last week and it floored me.  Have you seen it?

Aside from experiencing his incredibly beautiful artwork and an urge to go wild with cans of paint (if only talent was contagious!), he has a pretty powerful message.

What you do in life chooses you.

~ Jim Carrey

Would you agree?

Past me wouldn’t have, but now?

Obviously life happens completely differently for everybody—some lucky individuals are born with a gift and know exactly what to do with it (they work hard for it, too!).

Some flit about from one thing to the next, never quite knowing (or trusting?) what to settle on.

Others have a much tougher time, struggling to make ends meet—battling for survival.

I’m a flitter.

I just came across this quote on Instagram, which is perfect—

I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.

~ Elizabeth Gilbert

Again, we’re all different and this may not be as relevant to you, but my current transformation is down to two things—

  1. Me getting tired of my own bullshit.  The flitting.
  2. The world getting tired of my bullshit and clobbering me over the head.  Again and again.

I wonder if there’s a point for everyone where the world finally says “righto, that’s enough faffing about” and, sighing like a disappointed mother hen, starts to show us the way?

Its way!

Because, let me tell you, I’ve done more than my fair share of flitting and faffing (see the roundabout post).  The world has every right to be disappointed and, lately, I feel like life’s been sending in the cavalry.

I say “I feel” because, to some, a string of little coincidences is just a string of little coincidences.

I’m choosing to believe that it’s more than that.

It’s an earthquake causing me to move home, changing the course of my life.

It’s two people having an overwhelming, unexplainable emotional experience at the same time—on different continents and not finding out until weeks later.  The extraordinary power of human connection.

It’s struggling to focus my thesis and waking up with an absolute lightning bolt at 4am one morning—remembering an idea that I had about three years ago and knowing in my gut that this was it.  This was the time to use it.  After a couple of hours of madly scrawling down everything I had, I discovered the online yoga community I practice with had been doing a live session at the time—oh, the energy!

It’s raindrops falling on my head the moment I said happy birthday to my late Nana.

It’s trying to withdraw a scholarship application, but the withdrawal button not working—tried at least 10 times and it wouldn’t budge.  My application kept coming back (like the cat, just couldn’t stay away).  I don’t think it necessarily means I’ll get the funding, but I think it means that I have to fight the fear and pursue the project—pursue life.

It’s coming across the power of the Lion’s Gateway (at its height on 8/8, but open from 26 July to 12 August) and getting a last minute request to house sit just in time for a manifestation weekend.  I also looked back in my Happiness Project journal to 8/8 last year (when I didn’t know it was a thing) and it turns out that was the day I decided to quit a job that was draining my spirit.  Power!

It’s Box Sets showing the whole season of Crazy Ex Girlfriend a week after I’d said goodbye to my Netflix account!

No, but seriously—there are little signs all along the road, once you’re able to see them.

I have no idea when or how or why they start showing themselves—I wish I did, it’s the craziest thing!

All I can say is that they do come.


Life chooses you and you get to choose how to respond.

And, hey, if you’re thinking the signs have forgotten you, remember the greatest one of all—

You’re alive.

Life chose you.


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