the ripple effect

I spent the weekend [mostly] manifesting the life I want—I say mostly because if there was a manifestation test, I would’ve totally failed.

I made green smoothies for breakfast—with a side bowl of salt and vinegar chips.

I did no cleaning, tidying, or simplifying—I was house sitting, so it wasn’t my stuff to get rid of.

My happy music came in the form of Crazy Ex Girlfriend episodes playing on a loop.

I have cancelled my Netflix account, but there’s a new channel on the telly—Box Sets.  They play whole seasons of shows.  I had no idea it was going to be on and since I only get to watch it when I’m house sitting, I couldn’t resist.

Excuses, excuses—that show brings me so much joy!

So, on my weekend of mostly manifesting the life I want, what I discovered was this—

By manifesting the life you want, you are living the life you want.

You’re doing it.

It’s that old what you do every day list vs what makes you happy list—and comparing them.  It’s consciously choosing the happy.

This weekend, I discovered my new favourite smoothie combo—banana, spinach, super food powder, vanilla yoghurt, honey, and milk.  Delicious!

I did lots of yoga and crochet.  I caught up with a friend.  I had lunch with my parents.

I made a vision board, and wrote down my goals and action points—which we’ll talk more about later.  I’ve always had ridiculous dreams, but never gone after them.  Finally setting some doable action points is a game-changer.

And, I had Crazy Ex Girlfriend on in the background, making me laugh and sing out loud!

So, you see—there’s really nothing special about it.

The special (magic!) part happens when the law of attraction kicks in, because once you truly start living you, you attract all kinds of good stuff.

Or so I’ve heard!

I’ll do some more reading on that one and get back to you.

A couple of posts ago, we set out a wee theory on manifestation.

The 3 ities—clarity, positivity, activity.

After this weekend (even though I didn’t do it!), I’d add another—


Manifestation is really just living the life you want and I think the foundation is in simplicity.

We have so much clutter and distraction around us—calm and inner peace is a daily struggle when it should be calm and peaceful!

In order to live the life you want, you first have to find it and that means getting rid of all the unnecessary bs* that we carry with us—material and mental.

This won’t happen overnight, but it will happen!  I’ve thrown out so much in the past couple of years—donated, recycled, just generally binned.  There’s all this stuff we live with that we don’t actually live with, use, need.

All it’s doing is weighing us down.  And the mental freedom that comes from material freedom?  There’s no feeling quite like it.

Simplicity—starting from a place of calm.

Clarity—knowing exactly what we want.

Positivity—believing that we’re worthy of our dreams.

Activity—making it happen.



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