sense of self

Talk about Life sending you in the right direction—I think it’s been frustrated with my lack of action and now it’s bashing me over the head.

Pay attention, woman!

I am.

Now—sorry, Life!

It’s been a month since I resubmitted my thesis proposal and I’m still waiting for an official response.  And, typically, because it’s been taking so long, I’m discovering new ideas again—sorry, uni!

Not really 😉

It might just be a subtle shift from mindfulness for mindfulness’ sake to mindfulness for identity.

Everything has been pointing toward living the life that you want to lead and I think that comes down to one thing—

Being the person you want to be.

I think it’s something many, if not all, of us struggle with?

We all say things we don’t mean, react in ways we don’t want to react, do things we don’t want to do and don’t do things we do want to do.


And, I think, mindfulness brings you closer to the true you.

We all have so many barriers to being who we really are—different hats we have to wear, different perspectives on who we are depending on the relationship or the situation or the environment.

A few posts ago, I wrote about how I’ve been changing and how others, who have experienced a very different me, may not believe it.

This is a struggle—but it’s not with others.  It’s with myself.

I’m the one who’s thinking ‘oh, no—what are people thinking?  I bet they don’t believe it.  They probably think I’m a phony.  They don’t know the real me’.

And, the thing is—no one else will ever know the real you.  It’s just not possible.

Is it?

You, and only you, will ever know, see, feel, experience everything that you know, see, feel, experience—everything that completes you.

You complete me—from Jerry Maguire just flashed in my head!  Such a beautiful line, but so not true—you complete you!

It’s up to you to accept who you are.  Change what you want to change and communicate that change to the outside world.  Whether the world accepts it or not is up to the world!

Here are a couple of crazy coincidences today that make me feel like I’m on the right path to my true identity—some may say coincidink, I choose Fate.

I popped to for my daily breakfast talk and the first in the ‘Trending’ list was Caroline Casey: Looking past limits.  I won’t give it away for you because you should really watch it (please, please do!)—she will blow you away.

You’ll see the connection to identity when you watch—it’s hard to miss!

Then, I was Googling clip art of garden stakes for some advertising I’m working on—School of Languages and Cultures, where will you plant your seed?!  In case you’re ever in need of royalty-free garden stake clip art, sorry to disappoint—there’s bugger all!

Anyway, I flick to FB for a brief distraction (but those moments add up, don’t they?!  More on that later!)—and there’s Kath’s Soul Food (from The Breeze radio station).

It says this—

Put a stake in the ground.

That stake is who you really are.  Your beliefs.  What you stand for.  What you like.  What you don’t like.  You might have to write these things down.  Then put that stake in the ground and do not let anyone or anything take you away from it.

Grip tight.


Teeny, tiny, little moments of seemingly nothing that, years (even months) ago, I would have rushed by without a second thought—without a first thought!

And, now, they’re magic.



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