exiting the roundabout

Now that I’ve got this renewed zest—actually, it’s not really renewed if it’s the first time I’ve felt it, right?!

Not that I’ve never felt energised before, but just never like this.  I’ve never gone this far with a dream before—which is saying a lot because this is not all that far.

Baby steps.

But, going after your dreams is scary, right?  Not just dreaming them, but really, truly taking steps to try and achieve them?

Now that I’ve got this new zest, I want to ride it for as long as I can because I’m under no illusions that I’ll stay this zesty forever—I might be lucky if it lasts the week!

So, I’m checking out this manifestation business.  I have no idea if it works, but I’m a believer—why not?

The best that can happen is you do manifest the life that you want—how magical would that be?!  If not, hey, at least it’s given you a few days of positive vibes?

Or perhaps manifesting is actually just you doing the work and making things happen for yourself?  That’s amazing, too.

Just between us—I’m going to go in with the mindset of doing the work myself with a secret hope for a little bit of magic along the way!

I wrote my goal yesterday as wanting to be a creative mindfulness workshop facilitator—or something to that effect.

Now, I’m not so sure of the process to manifest this exact job for myself, but I’ve struggled all my life with focus, so I’m going with specifics.

I once overheard my dad say I was getting there in a roundabout way and I’ve sure been on that roundabout a mighty long time—trying every possible exit to find my road, but never quite trusting my direction, so whipping a u-turn and heading back the way I came.

The roundabout is a safety thing—you can feel like you’re on the move, but you don’t have to make any real decisions.

You’re also not making any real progress.

The thing with this job goal is that it’s finally something focused, something tangible, something I trust and feel really good (if not a little lot scared!) about.  It’s something I’m creating for myself, so what I need to find, manifest, magic up is an opportunity to try it out.  A willing audience.

Manifesting that opportunity may not turn out to be anything, but I know this much—it sure can’t do any harm.

And finally getting off the roundabout is progress!

Do you have a roundabout in your life?  It might be a job you’re stuck in, a relationship, a mindset, a habit, a rut?

Could the key to breaking free be this—

  1. Clarity
  2. Positivity
  3. Activity

The three itys?  Or would that be ities?

Oh, the possibilities!

Perhaps, that’s all there is to this manifesting business?

Clarity, positivity, and activity.

With a dash of magic.


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