taking the leap

Hey there!  How are you?  I hope you’re having a happy week?  Well, it’s only Tuesday—Monday in some places.  I hope your week is starting as it means to go on.

We’re trialing a new style for the site—please let me know what you think?  Is it too dark?!

We’re also slowly growing unimuse.  It’s dedicated to students and giving them the tools to grow awareness of themselves, their purpose, and make the most out of education.

Education = life.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long while—I’ve been at uni, on and off, for the past 8 years (and today is 8/8—I read something the other day about the power of 8, I’m going to have to do some digging on that one!) and I’ve seen so many fall into the trap of the ‘Cs get degrees’ mentality.

Going on FB in class.

Not speaking up in tutorials.

Cramming for exams the night before.

But, it’s not about the piece of paper you get at the end of the day (at the end of 3+ long years of days)—it’s about the daily experience.

The incredible knowledge of your teachers.

The mind-blowing ideas you’re introduced to.

It’s about engaging in the process and allowing yourself to be challenged, inspired, changed.

I’ve been doing some soul searching in the past couple of weeks and had a timely conversation with a co-worker about students’ fears of participating in class.

It’s kicked me into gear.

Finally, taking the leap.

On a symbolic note, I deleted my Netflix account.

I’ve spent a lot of life, a lot of life, watching telly.  I love it.

But, oh boy, is it a time sucker.

So, I quickly binged on The Beginning of Life and The Crown, and then said enough’s enough.

What’s your time sucker?  Are you ready to give it up?

It’s tough, but liberating.

And, you know, you can always reactivate your account when the new seasons of Homeland and Crazy Ex Girlfriend come out.  Just temporarily and then we’ll be symbolic and productive again!

On a practical note, I made a meeting with my manager to talk about my role—I’m a part-time administrator while I study.  I want to use my time here to support students—through unimuse (and unitymuse!) and weekly workshop sessions.

Our meeting was meant to start at 10am yesterday and I finally walked into her office at 10:25.

I was having a crisis of confidence.

Finally, taking the leap and thinking ‘what are you doing?  You can’t do this.  You don’t have anything to offer.  Just don’t even bother trying, this is never going to work.  You’re not good enough’.

Right?  Our minds are so mean to us!  Good golly!

It’s a reality check.  I’m a completely different person than I used to be, I’ve learned a lot, the world is starting to guide me in a way I ain’t never felt before (it’s crazy!), but I still struggle with self-doubt—a nasty monkey mind.

I think the difference now is that I’m finding more strength to shift my thoughts—to work through them.

When I added the picture of the moon to this post, it made me realise—

Taking the leap?  Come on now.  You’re just taking a tiny step here.

You’re not curing cancer.

You’re not solving global poverty.

You’re not leaping around on the moon.

You’re just doing what you know how to do—and you know how to do it.

Last week, I mentioned about this Weekend Manifestation Plan.  I’m going to do it this weekend and apparently you need to plan ahead.  You need to be clear on your goals, practice affirmations, and think positively.  So—

  1. My goal is to be a creative mindfulness workshop facilitator—I need to work on the title because that’s not exactly what it is (and it’s a bit of a mouthful!), but it’s the gist.
  2. One of the sanskrit mantras from Oprah & Deepak’s 21-day meditation experience is Om Bhavam Namah—I am a field of all possibilities.  Om Bhavam Namah.  Om Bhavam Namah.  Om Bhavam Namah.
  3. Yesterday wasn’t such a think positive day, but we can start now!

What’s your goal?  Want to take the leap with me?  We’ll take it teeny, tiny, baby steps at a time!

Who knows?  We just might make it all the way to the moon one day.



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    • Thank you! How are you? Seems like such a ridiculous thing, right? But, it’s such a subtle, comforting addiction – I guess a lot of addictions are subtle and comforting, that’s the trouble. Disguising themselves as something you think you want! xx

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