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an honest journey

I have a Happiness Project journal that my sister gave me for my birthday last year.  You’re supposed to write a sentence each night, reflecting on the good of the day.

The happiness.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve been using it right.  Last night I wrote—

Flat as a pancake.

I had a day of accomplishing nothing but a few hours at work and more than a few hours watching Catfish and Say Yes to the Dress.

My energy couldn’t budge me from the couch.

Yet, in that same moment that I wrote in the journal, I had this flash of inspiration.

I quickly jotted down—

An honest journey to mindfulness.  Not personal journey, acknowledgment of all who contribute.  Becoming mindful through reading about others’ journeys and I think that’s what mindfulness is about for me—awareness of who we are through our interactions with others.

~ My stumbling, bumbling mind

This is partly related to the thesis (if it ever gets accepted) and partly related to unitymuse—which is super because they’re one and the same.

It’s an honest journey because I’m not great at being mindful—I’m trying, but I make a lot of mistakes and I’ll be open about all the highs and lows.  It’s a learning process—a constant, ever-changing learning process!

Mindfulness is personal in that we all get to where we’re going in our own way, but this is about acknowledging all the beautiful people and their journeys that influence us.

The thesis is (or will be!) about reading for mindfulness.  All the stories and ideas we pick up along the way.

Being aware of that influence is part of what mindfulness is to me—the effect of others on us and our effect on others.  My focus is on reading because books have been such a massive part of my life—soul-changing, spirit-making word journeys.

There’s so much focus on meditation and breathing exercises for mindfulness, but what about the effect of reading and discovering all these weird and wonderful new ideas?

So, the thesis (when it gets accepted!) and this site will be a journey to mindfulness through reading and sharing each others’ stories.

I’m reading Ubuntu by Heather Ellis, the incredible journey of a young woman and her motorcycle across Africa in the early 90s.

She went in search of ubuntu and, I’m only about halfway through, but she is finding the beating heart of unity everywhere she turns—even in places torn apart by civil war.

One of the sayings in our country is ubuntu—the essence of being human.  Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can’t exist as a human being in isolation.  It speaks about our interconnectedness.

~ Desmond Tutu

I really hope you’ll join me—I hope this may just be a soul-changing, spirit-making word journey.



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