making it fun

This is a bit of a spontaneous post because I came across this quote on Instagram and it was just crying out to be a musing—cruising for a musing!

musing #3

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

~ Albert Einstein

I’m still waiting for my proposal to be accepted—actually, I got an email yesterday from the administrator asking if that was, in fact, the final version of my proposal?  The one I want reviewed?


The thing is—the proposal doesn’t really look or sound like an “normal” thesis proposal and university doesn’t tend to like you to step outside of their little box.

So, as much as I want to think positive thoughts, I’m also preparing myself.

Not to give in, but not to battle, either.  I’m not a fighter.

I prepare to stay true to myself and the vision I have for this project.  I’ll use the words of one of the smartest people ever in the history of the world to help me, if I have to.

Who can argue with Einstein?!

I’m reading Deepak Chopra and Menas Kafatos’ You Are the Universe at the moment and they talk a lot about the revolutionary genius that was Einstein.

And not for the ways we might think.

Yes, he was the genius who came up with the Theory of General Relativity—among other things (that I don’t know).

And, yes, that involved a lot of complicated mathematical equations (that I re-eally don’t know).

But, the real reason Einstein was so revolutionary was because he didn’t think in equations.  His greatest breakthroughs came from his imagination—from visualizing the question and creating the answer in his mind (and then years and years of testing it out).

So, while his Wiki profile may call him a theoretical physicist, I choose to call him an imaginative physicist.

An imaginist.

While the goings on in my mind are not even remotely like Einstein’s (my imaginings are not going to bring about the theory of anything!)—I’m going to take a leaf.

I’ve lived my whole life so far, as I know many others have, under the cloud of creativity.

I call it a cloud because our world is so skewed toward maths and science and concrete (cough*boring*cough) facts.

And we creative souls just quietly plod along—we try to buck the system every now and again, but get pushed back so often that it’s just easier to play the game.

Uni—the whole education system, actually—is a game that so many students aren’t enjoying because it’s so dry, dull, stuck in its ways.

But, we’re ready to shake up the system again because we’re imaginating our socks off like Einstein and this project won’t be squished into any box.

I’ll let you know how we get on with the proposal—we can have a wee chuckle over their horrified feedback and throw some more paint in the mix!


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