what’s this about

Hey unitymusers,

I thought I’d take this time to scribble down a little background—what this is all about.

Seven years ago, I was going through a bit of a funk, so went to my favourite place for a pick-me-up—the bookshop.  I got Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth—I had no idea what it was all about, but it had Oprah’s Book Club sticker on it, so I figured it must be good.

It was.

To be honest, I still don’t know what it’s all about, but I’ve been on a journey ever since—a journey to change, a journey to connect, a journey to live.

It’s an ongoing journey!

It’s a tough world to be in—especially right now.  I think we’re all struggling, in our own way, to make sense of it all?

To make sense of the senseless.

It can be a helpless feeling—downright gut-wrenching, actually.

I don’t know a lot—or much of anything, really, but here’s why I’ve started unitymuse:

I’ve done and read and seen different things than you—you’ve done and read and seen different things than me.  Others have done and read and seen different things than both of us.

We have so much within us that can bring light to others’ journeys, but we’re getting a bit bogged down in negative, judgmental, self-doubt, unsocial media, doom and gloom.

Justifiably so—the world is in pain and we’re all feeling it.

But, the only thing that breaks through darkness?

We have to be the bringers of the light.

The research project is about challenging the darkness.  Why judgment?  Why self-doubt?  Why bullying and negativity and unsocial media?

Why, why, why?

It’s about opening up the path to mindfulness to see if it can be cultivated through reading and the discovering of ideas—engagement with positive content.

This is about putting the unity back into community—and community is a much broader term than it used to be.  Community is global.

How lucky are we that we have the world at our fingertips—a world of support and encouragement and wonder, if we have the imagination to find it and the awareness to treat it with care?

Can we remember the pure, innocent joy of early childhood?

How can we teach our children non-judgment—of themselves and of others, so that bullying ceases to exist?

Can we be role models for our young ones and demonstrate mindful internet use?  Show them that technology is a tool for the real world, not the real world itself?  Be the life that exists without a phone in our hands?

How do we support decision-making in young adulthood to encourage a mind shift from thinking about work as work, to thinking about work as life?

Can we shake the material world we’ve grown up in and live more simply?

Can we show gratitude and recognition to our older generation and value their experiences to light the way?

I’m certainly not the first person to ask these questions and I sure as heck won’t be the last, but if you want answers or you have answers, this is all about sharing the journey.

I’d love for you to join me—you and your partners and parents and children and siblings and friends and colleagues and neighbours.

This is for anyone who wants to find the light during dark times.


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