action, connection, unity

a warm welcome

Welcome to unitymuse—please make yourself at home.

Fine [bold] print: I’m not the unitymuse—or a muse of any kind.  I might amuse (very slightly, on occasion, more than likely accidentally), but definitely not a muse.  Everything that comes out of my mouth has come from someone or something far, far wiser than I (unless I say something daft—that’s all me).

I’m Julia, it’s really lovely to e*greet you.  I’m on a journey of unity and I’d love for you to join me.

unitymuse is a research journey—or will be when my approval comes through!  It will become a three week mindfulness blog, centred on present moment awareness, non-judgement, and purposeful attention.  The aim is to discover how our stories change when we read about mindfulness.

Until we get the go, it will be my bumbling mumblings about life.

As a researcher (and just in general!), I’m an open book and I invite you to be one, too.  I’d love unitymuse to be your safe space to offer thoughts and musings—it is called unitymuse, after all.  This is all about using our journeys to help each other along the way.

There are several places you can join the conversation:

  • You can post comments on specific blog posts.
  • If you have personal comments or questions, you can get in touch via a private message.
  • Or if you’re on Facebook, you can join in on the unitymuse FB page.

Sources of light is the place to find out all about our inspirational muses.  In my thesis, this will boringly be called the reference list, but here we’ll know it as a one-stop inspiration shop—for all our lighting needs.

Unimuse is another project in development—a place to help students mindfully navigate their way through study.  As John Dewey says, education isn’t preparation for life—education is life.

I think we’re all set?  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to holler.

Thank you so much for your time and energy—I’m so grateful that you’re here.

Let the journey begin.


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